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What is psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is a group of therapies which focus on helping people deal with emotional, cognitive, and behavioural issues in order to improve thinking patterns, coping strategies, and behaviour.

The term ‘Psychotherapy’ originates from Ancient Greek language: psyche (ψυχή meaning “breath; spirit; soul”) and therapeia (θεραπεία “healing; medical treatment”). Dictionaries define it as: the treatment of mental disorder by psychological rather than medical means (Oxford Languages). At the time this post was written, the Merriam-Webster online dictionary defines it as: treatment of mental or emotional disorder or of related bodily ills by psychological means.

There are many modalities that are categorised under only a few approaches to psychotherapy. These main approaches are different to one another and are suitable for a variety of mental health-related problems. Psychotherapy typically uses techniques to explore problems and address them over time, and uses the effort of both the client and the practitioner to bring about change in a person’s life.

In my next post, I will be talking about the difference between self-help and psychotherapy.



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